Part three

What Now, Part Three

by: Michael Shields Part three of a series which attempts to make sense of the rise to power of President Donald J. Trump… Read Part…


Amy, Still

by: Susanna Baird A moment of unadulterated peacefulness, punctured thoroughly by horror and chaos… Styrofoam cups filled with rancid coffee, gum wrappers, fingernail shards, and a…


Two Poems by Ben Kingsley

by: Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley’s poetry is a storm of language we get caught in; it reflects and refracts the anxious perplexities that ensnare us….

Tickle3 (Gypsy Jema)

Tickle Me Amnesio

by: Greg Burkholder Trickery laid bare but not called to task, where the faithful are “healed” by the Spirit of The Lord… Y’all done forgot….


The Obama Presidency

by: Frederick Foote A look at important lessons learned during the eight years the United States was helmed by its first black president… The election…