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When is the last time you thought about where a movie took place? The rooms, cities, and architecture where movies are set are just as important as the script, actors, and special effects, yet we rarely give locations and sets their due. It’s high time that conversation began to change. CINEOPOLIS is a podcast, hosted by film historian Christian Niedan and editor and culture journalist Dante A. Ciampaglia, about movies — and the places that made them. Through deep dives into movies and filmmakers and discussions with professionals, critics, and authors, CINEOPOLIS will change how you see movies…and the world around you. Over the ten episodes that comprise this inaugural season, Christian and Dante will be your guides on a journey into the rooms, cities, and architecture where movies are set through thorough examinations into films and filmmakers.

Episode 101 — Die Hard With a Vengeance

Episode 102: The Films of George Romero

Episode 103: FILMography with Christopher Moloney

Episode 104: The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Episode 105: The Lure of the Lair — An Interview with Chad Oppenheim

Episode 106: The Dark Knight Trilogy

Episode 107: Filmed in New Jersey! An Interview with David Schoner

Episode 108: The Films of Michael Mann

Episode 109: Sofia Coppola’s Singular Spaces — An Interview with Stephanie Zacharek

Episode 110: Blade Runner / Blade Runner 2049

The Days Between — COMING SOON!

The Days Between — Season 1 : Trump’s Last Stand

The Days Between is a podcast series that chronicles fascinating and entirely unique transitional periods throughout history. It speaks to the fascinating and important stories within larger narratives that demand a deeper look on their own. Season One focuses its aim at the triumphantly irregular time period, the days between, from when Democrat and former Vice President Joe Biden became President Elect of the United States, and his inauguration. This tumultuous time period was defined by lies, lawsuits, and lunacy, and a day that will live in infamy for the rest of American history.

Episode 1: Live From Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Episode 2: Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits & Lies

Episode 3: Georgia (Senate Runoff) On My Mind

Episode 4: Post Election Norms & Transitions of Yore

Episode 5: The Pardons & The Executions

Episode 6: January 6, 2021 — Trump’s Last Stand

Episode 7: Impeachment, Take Two

Episode 8: Inauguration Day