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dead plant with dry leaves closeup isolated on white

Dear Dad

by: Tiffany Yu A reminder of the fragility of life, and of the connectivity of kinship that yearns to define us… Dear Dad, I’m…


Four Poems by Darren Frances

by: Darren Frances UK poet and musician Darren Frances’ poems explode with thoughts interrupted, images colliding, experience rendered into microns, reflections and wily juxtapositions,…



by: Damien Edwards1 When The Closer is called in things get real, and the gasoline flows like water… We’d pour gasoline down the small…


CE Putnam, Part Two

by: CE Putnam These next two poems by the inimitable CE Putnam decenter and align us again and again as we see our lives…


Living Remnant

by: Patrick J. Dalton A journey into a life of chaos, one that needs to be fueled, fed, and even shared with others… We were…


CE Putnam, Part One

by: CE Putnam1 In these sections from CE Putnam’s The Bunny Manuscript, narrative doesn’t cohere as much as come into view as a body…

beethoven final

Becoming Beethoven

by:Neesa Suncheuri1 In the throes of psychiatric relapse and convinced of being the reincarnation of Ludwig Von Beethoven… My mental illness has taken me…


En Route To Bumbershoot

by: T.E. Cowell1 The thrill of being surrounded by those with an authentic zest for life… The radio’s on loud. Heidi’s singing along to the…

ATM Publishing-featured (correct size)

ATM Publishing

Across the Margin is proud to announce its foray into publishing. From its earliest days, when Across the Margin was conceived as a place…

The Endless road

The Endless Road

by: Michael Overa Each story that unfolds holds a foreign truth, and in Michael Overa’s “The Endless Road,” he ruminates about the voyeuristic facets of existance,…


Three Poems by Norman Fischer

by: Norman Fischer Whether it’s “a case of graphomania” or “Thoughts in brain & a dream or three,” Norman Fischer’s poetry engages through association….