Podcast: Beyond the Margin – An Interview with DJ Trackstar of Run the Jewels

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We Are Not Made Of Glass

by: Cameron Finch1 “I feel clumsy, surrounded by this much fragility. One wrong move and everything crashes.” The delicacy of glass, and of life, explored… There…


An Image of Self Violence

by: Darick Taylor Equating self-harm with a ploy for attention is a common mistake, for what lurks below the physical manifestation of the wound is…



by: T.E. Cowell Gripped by a slacker mentality, a love of literature helps squander the bothersome hours of the day away… The phone rings. I…

Sexy woman with pearls in room

Novelist & The Courtship

by: Frederick Foote Two offerings of flash fiction that forge a connection between sexuality and writing… Novelist Long, lovely, limbs with a drawn-out torso to…

Exposed (Herve Martijn)


by: Christina Rosso1 “Why must being a woman equal disgrace? Why must I hide my body? My sexuality? Why do I have to fit inside…

WordsforHer3 (Karol Bak)

Words for Her

by: Richard Brea1 An ode to all the amazing mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, queens, angels, givers of life, and goddesses in the world… I take great…


Two Poems by Cal Freeman

by: Cal Freeman Cal Freeman is devoted to paying attention “because each moment is an irrevocable act.” Everybody knows this is a basic fact of…


Dream Girls

by: T.E. Cowell1 The emptiness that lingers when fortune enters and then exits your life in the blink of an eye…  Last spring my brother and I…