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Unsustainable Children

Unsustainable Children

by: Heather Fawn1 When child care facilities are run like a business first and care service second, it’s our most precious commodity, our children, who suffer most…….

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

By: Nikki Richards Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, so that later you can do things you do want to…


Blackberries & Delay

by: T.E. Cowell Two offerings of flash fiction that explore connectivity amongst humans, or the lack thereof, in two very divergent ways… Blackberries I’m picking…


Three Poems by Jon Whitbread

Poems and fetured artwork by: Jon Whitbread These poems by Jon Whitbread explore our shared sense of rootlessness and disconnection. Amid shifting perspectives we ask…


Play Ball

by: Marcia Eppich-Harris “I was nothing, nobody, suspended in the darkness, until he lit a match and drew me to his light.” The intimate relationship between infidelity and…


Beer & Jazz

by: T.E. Cowell1 Two offerings of flash fiction that celebrate the finer things in life… Beer After work I have a beer. It doesn’t last…



by: Michael Shields Across the Margin introduces you to your latest television obsession, Cinemax’s Quarry… Quarry, a new series from Cinemax, commences with a body…


Killing the Dead

by: Frederick Foote1 Fact or Fiction? A story seemingly ripped from the headlines where excessive force is overlooked yet again… Bicyclist Dies in Truck Accident San…

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David Perry, Part Two

by: David Perry1 David Perry’s poems are charged, feverish meditations written in the wave/particle light of our current digitized reality. Memory and language, both personal…


La Hija Mixta in Spanish Class

by: Christine Stoddard A past burdened with deceit, because life is kinder to those with fairer a complexion… “Where did you learn to speak Spanish so well?”…