Three Poems by Jack Hinks

These three poems by Jack Hinks explore his relationship with time, craft, and sense of value in an increasingly difficult environment. Known for his introspective lens and exploration of self and creativity, Jack’s work aims to build a bridge between the existential and the everyday…

by: Jack Hinks


I give parts of myself 
to something I only just realised 
I am not taking from. 

Stockholmed to the procedure
tied to the exchange of power
masquerading as progress.

I have always been infatuated with time
Jumping from sinking rock to sinking rock,
the next depletion 
Short for the moments I catch the sun dancing on your skin, 
and I realise

I don’t want time to ever move again.

I am beginning to feel the dropping off.
The retreat to a restless slumber, speckled with
moments of myself
in a harsher light.

Last night I met a blacksmith.
He used all the words I know
all the tools
but in the wrong order.
I forge a furrowed brow
that I am unable to take back
Not yet versed in correction.

I prayed for his blade to withstand
when really
I should have prayed for mine.

I am an island
crying on hold
while bootleg (upbeat) funk
drills a hole in my temple.

How lucky we are to be alive
in a time of ethics
Where I can lose sleep on fiction
and not wake up with an arrow through my leg
A spear at my back
Knife at my throat

I did not catch the salmon
harvest the rice
or hold my hands out in a storm,
losing skin for a drink just to slip through my fingers
Your call is very important to us.

It is important to breathe.
Weather the chiming hail
and sun’s needles,
when all you are is a cloud turned black 
scorned by all but the thirsty,
giving nothing to those who need you
Burning bandages in front of the bloodied
We are sorry to keep you waiting.

Jack Hinks is a UK-based poet, musician, and photographer. Having worked extensively as a musician within the UK poetry scene and collaborating with hundreds of poets, Jack finally began writing and performing his own poetry. Jack’s work addresses his introspective outlook, and often explores themes of grief, slow growth, and struggle. He is currently working on his first collection. You can find his work in the ‘Loud Poets NaPoWriMo Scrapbook.

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