Two poems by Megan Glionna

These two poems by Megan Glionna are connected through the idea of longing, where and how it originates and where it goes…

by: Megan Glionna

A Wide Openness

I was as parched as the plants looked
Brittle like the dusty ground 
Thirsty for any drop
A glance
A morsel
Affection my drug of choice

The landscape 
A wide openness
A mirror of my desire
The foreign taste 
Acidic and adventurous 
I felt lucky to take you on

Do you see my body
As it ages
From above…
Do you watch me?
Or only when I conjure you?
I think of you
When it feels good
The unforgettable slope
The curve
The dip
I hope I licked it

Megan Glionna is a podcaster, writer, teacher, performer, and music fan with a decidedly female perspective. She lives in Brooklyn.

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