Three Poems by Susan Shea

These three poems by Susan Shea explore the value of inspiration…

by: Susan Shea

Keep On

Before she dips her head
into the cool morning water
the red robin looks around
around and around again

until she’s safe enough
to drink to jump into her
stage bath without audience
she pounds her sturdy legs
waves water with her wings

she is “Proud Mary”

Tina for us

for the women who have
dry fear left inside

to rise out of the dust
the ground
that calls us

she reminds us
to open our mouths wide
drink it all in
quake morning
for ourselves

tremble for no one

You are the ones I seek

you know you have a bristling
brush in your hands ready to
splash energy like colorful feed 
to keep my cells jumping

jiving in the real world
although you walk through
splattered paths
spending time with you
keeps me in my groove
keeps me on course where
I can fully feel the spin
of the earth on its axis
yet keep my balance

you are the ones 
dipping your brush
into cans of words
spans of history 
to live all the lives
of all the early risers
who can’t wait to
fresco the day
on the all 
powerful sky

Sunrise should be enough on
any day but I can tell today 

will take my best eyesight
my closest scope to find the
blessed whimsy to invite the day

so I must clear the table 
start again say goodbye
to all the people jumping in 
the hole of look at this
mess we are in

I must leave you all behind
in all the same old muck

or we can go together
we can fill the hole with
all things noble beautiful
all true

where the fantastic 
takes its cue 
to speak

look on the wall there
find the harvest man
he doesn’t bite 
he takes his time

his own long legs 
his hidden eyes 
take him
where he needs
to be
to gather his own

fruit of this day
Susan Shea is a retired school psychologist who was born in New York City, and now lives in Pennsylvania.  She has returned to writing poetry in 2023, and this year she has been published in several dozen journals including Ekstasis, The Bluebird Word, Last Stanza Poetry Journal, The Bookends Review, Poetry Breakfast, Book of  Matches Literary Magazine, and The Agape Review, as well as three anthologies. Recently, she has had poems accepted for Feminine Collective, Military Experience and the Arts, Tiny Wren, Crowstep Poetry Journal, Green Ink Poetry, The Avalon Literary Review, and Clayjar Review. 
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