Two Poems by Ben Ditmars

by: Ben Ditmars1

Ben Ditmars’ short poems belie a depth of experience and a density of vision. Like riddles used to break an awkward silence, they unsettle and reassure in equal measure.

Ditmars10 CMT-edit


Familiar, distant reeds
Saddle-stitch the breeze as
Dizzy Celtic rays swim by
The pool– I hear he’s gone,
Transcended into fertile
The birds have learned
His song.


Hanged Man

a tourist sees
traffic lights like they
are stars.

anger and electric arson
cross her mind.


Ben lives and writes from his home in Marion, Ohio. He is the author of one book of poetry, Inhale the Night, and two chapbooks, Night Poems and Haiku in the Night. Find more at


  1. Header photograph taken by Tom Ryaboi. []
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  1. says: Ollie

    Love the line “a tourist sees traffic lights like they are stars.” Here in London, they also appear to see incoming traffic as tumbleweeds!

    Was the photo also taken by the poet? Great shot.

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