24 Cut Lits

by: Noah Eli Gordon

Surreal self-help poetry? Aphorisms that question rather than teach? Epigrams that remind us to look in the mirror and out the window? All that and more can be found in Noah Eli Gordon’s 24 mind-expanding miniatures. This work is the medicine we didn’t know we needed.


Ars Poetica

No more verse
All chorus


If you don’t pick a side
you’re picking the sidecar

Debit or Credit

The clock doesn’t care
What time it is

Online Dating

The cake only holds
So many candles

Against Imagery

Is where one can place
Purposefully one’s feelings

Past tense

To call it today the jitters
Rejects authentically being moved

Bottomless cup

If I think of it as abundance
I’ve already had all I can handle


Has nothing to do with
Our ideas about singing

Clear History

As its peel darkens
Its fruit becomes sweeter

Judicious Aesthete

I don’t want to like you more
I want more yous to like me

Keep Right Except to Pass

To accept governance one needn’t do anything
Save whatever one’s refusal continued undoing

For Every Death a Bicycle

That abstraction gets one nowhere
Is the problem this abstraction locates

Victim Impact Statement

Each time I count the rungs in that ladder
They never seem to go up

Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes

The weirdest thing my daughter has
Yet to call me: Noah

Against Community

One doesn’t need chairs to place
On the table the perfect centerpiece

On the Art World

You can get away with stupid shit
If you’re smart in how you talk about it


Is wasted
On the young

A Boy Named Cake

Broke the swing set I had as a kid
Just by sitting on it


It requires a modicum of taste
To admit one has none


To love at dusk the certainty of dawn
And to love at dawn dusk’s coming on

The Longer

You stay away the better
I am at wanting you back

A Poem with Brake Lights

And farther along you may know more
And be certain of less

The Cloud

That it sits there and there and there
Like a book about two trains colliding

Ode to Capital

If you can monetize what brings you joy
What brings you joy will smell like money


Noah Eli Gordon’s most recent book is The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom (Brooklyn Arts Press). He teaches in the MFA program at the University of Colorado–Boulder, where he currently directs Subito Press.

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