ATM STORYTELLERS — “Weapons Free” & “Shave and a Haircut”

The third episode of Season 2 of ATM STORYTELLERS features a riveting work of fiction and a real-life story about Los Angeles’ power players: “Weapons Free” and “Shave & a Haircut”…

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This is ATM STORYTELLERS, a storytelling adventure brought to you by Across The Margin and ATM Media. In this podcast, you will hear stories that were — or will be — published at Across The Margin…read by the authors themselves. This podcast belongs to the writers and authors who bless our pages with their cunning wordplay and meticulously crafted stories.

While you can take in these stories at the webzine, ATM STORYTELLERS offers an opportunity for the listener to sit back and let the stories wash over them in the tone and fashion that the author intended. Here, stories come to life in a way that could never happen on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Here, these stories truly cross the Margin and take flight.

First up in this third episode of Season 2 — an episode that features a work of fiction and a piece of creative nonfiction writing — is “Weapons Free” by Jeremy Stelzner. A story of a young couple who meet a mysterious, gift-bearing neighbor after moving from Harlem, New York to Harlem, Montana. That is followed by a compelling real life tale called “Shave & A Haircut” by Alan Swyer in which the hunt for one of the most important resources in one’s life — a good barber  — leads a fledgling screenwriter to befriend some of Los Angeles’ most influential power players.

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