ATM STORYTELLERS — “Bodies & Spirits” & “Saudade”

ATM STORYTELLERS returns with its third season, kicking things off with two rousing works of fiction, “Bodies & Spirits” by Will Hagle and “Saudade” by  Natalie Nee…

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We invite you to delve into ATM STORYTELLERS, a storytelling adventure brought to you by Across The Margin and ATM Media. In this podcast, you will hear stories that were — or will be — published at Across The Margin…read by the authors themselves. This podcast belongs to the writers and authors who bless Across The Margin’s pages with their cunning wordplay and meticulously crafted stories.

While you can take in these stories at the webzine, ATM STORYTELLERS offers an opportunity for the listener to sit back and let the stories wash over them in the tone and fashion that the author intended. Here, stories come to life in a way that could never happen on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Here, these stories truly cross the Margin and take flight.

In this commencing episode of Season 3, we feature a story by Will Hagle wherein fear-induced insomnia forces one to consider their relationship with death, “Bodies & Spirit” by Will Hagle. That is followed by a story inspired by the thought-provoking question: Is it better to see someone for who they are or for who you know they can be? A work with longing, fondness, and nostalgia all wrapped in one, Natalie Nee’s “Saudade.”

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Will Hagle is a Los Angeles-based writer and the co-host of the Connecting The Classics podcast. A great deal of Will’s work can be found on the webzine Passion of The Weiss. He is also the author of the excellent 33 ⅓ book dedicated to MF DOOM and Madlib’s album Madvillainy

Natalie Nee is a bibliophile, former ghostwriter, and latte enthusiast. She is passionate about creating stories that provoke both thought and emotion. Her debut novel will be going on submission this year. Her other poems and essay have been published by Roi Fainéant Press, Half and One, 50 word stories, Punk Noir Press, and HerStry literary magazine. You can find more of her stories on her website,, or follow along on Twitter, @novelnatalie.

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