Podcast: Beyond the Margin – Unhinged

by: Michael Shields and Chris Thompson

Beyond the Margin returns with its latest podcast episode simply entitled, “Unhinged”…

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In this most recent edition of Across the Margin’s podcast, Beyond the Margin, hosts Michael Shields and Chris Thompson change things up a bit. Stepping back from the themed podcasts that are the norm, where an engrossing topic is examined and debated thoroughly, this installment marks the first episode where Mike and Chris alter from that framework and just let loose. In this fifth chapter, your hosts delve into some of the more recent articles and stories that have appeared at Across the Margin, ruminate on pertinent current events, and even get a little personal as they expound on those things that inspire and fascinate them. It is a far more unbuttoned affair than regular – and far more revealing.

Within this podcast, Mike and Chris share their thoughts and impressions of Across the Margin’s more recent short stories, and even share how Poetry came to have such a compelling presence at the magazine before reading brief excerpts from Joanna Fuhrman’s poem “Hexagon” and Alan Feldman’s “Melancholia“ to illustrate the sort of cutting edge and cunning wordplay released each and every Wednesday. They then dive into a personal essay that affected them deeply in Doug Grant’s “What Are You Afraid Of,” before discussing the prevalence of public shaming in today’s society and whether it is a positive force for change.

To close out the podcast, Michael Shields reads a short story entitled “It Begins,” ((An instrumental version of El-P’s “Drones over Brooklyn” accompanies the reading.)) a daunting tale, steeped in current events, that functions as a foreboding offering of fiction that hits a little too close to home.

So tune in, and let the most revealing episode of Beyond the Margin yet take you on a journey, unhinged!

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