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Last Glimpse of Fred

by: Michelle Wilker The extreme lengths a person will go to for a better way of life, and for a decent slice of pizza… Frederico…


The Memory of Time

by: Jonathan Marcantoni An experimental short story, where the love one feels for a partner and the love one feels for a child intersect… Voice…

Paella (JohnOlsen)

The Real Paella

by: Dennis Vannatta What do you do when you’re in your fifties and can’t even think of a halfway plausible dream to take you into…


We Are Not Made Of Glass

by: Cameron Finch “I feel clumsy, surrounded by this much fragility. One wrong move and everything crashes.” The delicacy of glass, and of life, explored… There…



by: T.E. Cowell Gripped by a slacker mentality, a love of literature helps squander the bothersome hours of the day away… The phone rings. I…

Sexy woman with pearls in room

Novelist & The Courtship

by: Frederick Foote Two offerings of flash fiction that forge a connection between sexuality and writing… Novelist Long, lovely, limbs with a drawn-out torso to…


Dream Girls

by: T.E. Cowell The emptiness that lingers when fortune enters and then exits your life in the blink of an eye…  Last spring my brother and I…

Inside2 (Marie-Therese O' L...)

Inside But Still Outside

by: P. J. Gannon You may know someone’s story, but not their struggle. You may know what they’ve done, but not what they’ve been through….


The Coin Collector

by: James Santore A father’s coin hobby, a son’s remembrance of the past, and a connection that slipped by all too fast… It had been…



by: Miriam Hamilton “Olivia lives with an albatross around her neck: the fact that she is female…” This firm is the next new thing in intelligent…


Roman Boxing Glove

by: Steve Passey It’s Notre Dame vs. the Ku Klux Klan in an all out war… “How many thousands of years of culture, think you,…