Four Poems by Darren Francis

by: Darren Francis

UK poet and musician Darren Francis’ poems explode with thoughts interrupted, images colliding, experience rendered into microns, reflections and wily juxtapositions, all processed through a diction unwilling to sit still and explain itself.


bird # 54

slow monkeys weep for
star in a styrofoam cup
spastic current
the dollar jail

shadows driving saffron
fortune steering teardrops
kings ride the midfield
dogs in careless light

fingers fatten alleyways
sumac ply a water drip
barbed wire swallows
glitter dims his babylon

stomachs hide
nature’s leave
streetlights wart
her whore birds

beasts drive the lips
lust spits halo spirit
silent gods fly by night
in this lustless trailer park


ahh bitte

still strawberry me

i pick your flower
press my mouth

never had your
storm hand

lips on mine
lap finger

you reel the world
where matter

mama revolution
want cicada

i won’t hang
your song on me

i drive i’m driven
miss your slide in

when you come

when you leave



this universe
that creaks and stutters

spits matter
for no reason

now i know
why we are death

why gods are prone
to suicide

you no need worry
i’ve had words

pushed it up against a wall
showed its throat a blade

cosmos backed down
saw sense

agreed and we made a deal
nobody else has to die


west ramona spiders

as soon as i’m not an alcoholic
as soon as each star
doesn’t have a name for me

as soon as i can piss out
ten books a night
in my sleep

cut for my half-dozen
reason miss
nothing i’ve not told

spade in one hand
sheath of dead flowers
in the other


Darren Francis writes and makes music. He is the author of Spell, Skin, and – in collaboration with Simon Lewis – Jack Palmer & The Unspeakable Thing. He was a member of the legendary industrial band Cubanate in the mid-1990s and has recorded the spoken word albums God Thing and Future Ghosts, and six albums with the band Logos. He is currently working on another book, and another album.

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