Three Poems by Shiyang Su

These three poems by Shiyang Su were penned on a sunny winter day, in contemplation and commemoration of the past, and of the future unknown…

by: Shiyang Su


we should all clean our body like staggering crabs
hair intertwined with sallow weeds
ankle wrapped by red-violet mud
or a timid toe hobbled by sand cracked nail
++++wash them all with dark-green sewage
a wound left by a minor car accident
a bruise bitten by your gentle father
or a scar engraved by your patient teacher
wash them all in deep-blue saltwater
++++And scrub yourself in jiggly bubbles
let moisture burn your flattened breast
let abstinent fluid spur your wizened haunch
let bathroom light expose your sin of bareness
and sing a mournful ditty for your dying past
++++You might refuse and rebel
a body with traumas and memories should not
be washed like a dusty window of a broken car
++++You might deny and dispute
a flesh with stigma and strength should not
be cleaned like your gossipy neighbor’s stupid lawn
++++You might argue and attack
a soul with drafty core and shiny armor should not
be scrubbed like a humiliating brand on an aching arm
try to wash yourself, slowly and scrupulously
and feel the soft water fondling your flowery body
and feel the rosy shampoo kissing your tiny ribs
and feel the vivacious bubbles granting you human warmth
++++After all, please slightly open your musing mouth
and gather dropping dew from sunlit sprayer
a little pond in your mouth
a satisfied humming from your chest
++++After all, please gently wipe your freshly sewed up soul
and kiss your lovely body
and stroke your supple bottom
and love your fading bruises
++++For all you need
a room with flowing water
and whisper your past to go


Miss, If I

if I could afford your favorite necklace
++gem azure like rippled Aegean Sea
++soft edge to fondle with pledge
++suck your porcelain skin and honor
++elongated neck behind cinnamon tresses

if I could write sonnets like Shakespeare
++adoring gaze for raspberry dusk
++extol rustling zephyr in tender night
++youth’s yearning heart
++if it could find a way out
+sweeping eyelashes and dimpled smile

if you like those stupid love letters
++words steal from John Donne
++zealous confession and deep piety
++love too deep to drop the pen down
++what to write and read and write
++dumb thoughts and bald nails
+obsidian eyes stamp in warmth of tongue

if you like me
++like Shakespeare loves his sonnets
if you like me
++like John Donne loves his mistress
like if you like me
++my melancholic ode written by John Keats
like if you like me
++my best poetry already and forever under

like young love suddenly fires
+my eyes just cannot move away

Miss, If I.


A Place in Childhood

++winding mossy road
where I picked up plumped nuts
and waited for my mother’s filbert cake
++abandoned tree stakes
where I stopped for dandelions
and bit lip with sweet fluff
++desolate bulrushes
where I lay under in September
and sniffed the coolness of fir
I pass through

I remember
damp wind in late August
boring crickets behind blue-green pond
running freely under raspberry dusk
muddy sole and violet ankle
looking back
sallow sun slowly sunk into shrubs

I find
my curving on an aged birch
was washed by a thundering rain
my favorite willow twig
was weathered by a heavy snow
For everything I once owned
they are slowly fading
into my memory
For everything I once remembered
they are slowly fading
away from my memory
++delve deep down
++a place in childhood


Shiyang Su is an international student who is currently studying creative writing. Her poetry has been published on Antimatter Dreams and are forthcoming on Neologism Poetry Journal, The Bitchin’s Kitsch, and Dreich Magazine & Press

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