Welcome To The Party Pal — Coin Catcher

Welcome To The Party Pal (Osiris Media) celebrates the new short film, Coin Catcher, from writer and director Mitch Lucas…

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In this episode Welcome To The Party Pal focuses its gaze on a new short film written and directed by one of the hosts of the podcast, Mitch Lucas, That film, Coin Catcher, shot entirely on 16mm and Super 8 film, stars David Carl as Kelly No-Drop, a former world record Coin Catcher in search of his former greatness. The film also stars Katie Hartman as Dez and David Bluvband as Boss Boom. Coin Catcher is a comedic take on a boxing movie, where a down on his luck slugger who’s a shell of his former self meets the muse that helps him fight again. Mitch Lucas has been making art, photographs, pastel drawings, comedy shorts, and films for over twenty years, and this latest offering from a uniquely talented artist highlights the vast array of filmmakers and films that have inspired him over the years.

In this episode Michael Shields interviews Mitch Lucas about the inspiration for conceiving Coin Catcher, the many nods in it to renowned filmmakers, the challenges and opportunities of both filming throughout New York City and of shooting on 16mm and Super 8 film, and much more. Also, it must be noted, Mitch professes his undying love for the classic American sitcom Happy Days in this episode, a beloved television series where “really everything I [Mitch] make is sort of a sequel to Happy Days.”

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Mitch Lucas’s Coin Catcher:


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