Across The Margin : The Podcast — The Art of Battle Rap with Iron Solomon

Across the Margin : The Podcast returns with another in-depth episode, this one offering a rare glimpse into the cultural phenomenon that is Battle Rap….

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At Across The Margin we believe strongly that there are stories to be found everywhere. It’s a mantra that we pride ourselves in promoting and exploring. Hand in hand with the act of storytelling is the medium in which it is conveyed, be it the written word, the visual flurry of video or the spoken lyricism of music. With our latest episode of our podcast Beyond the Margin we not only celebrate the beauty and intrigue of storytelling, but explore it in a brand new light – through the art of Battle Rap.

Join us as your hosts Michael Shields and Chris Thompson spend some time with Iron Solomon, one of the sharpest and most renowned battle rappers in the world. Iron Solomon is a wordsmith, and a legend in his own time whose talents have shaped and progressed the artform to where it is today. In this revealing podcast, Chris, Mike and Iron (with cameos by Iron’s wife Sharon and their dog, Taco) speak on everything from the origins of Iron’s moniker, the organic and vivacious dawning of the sport of battle rap, the changing landscape of hip-hop, the frustrations of “never being as good of a guitarist as Slash,” and much, much more.

Ultimately, “The Art of Battle Rap with Iron Solomon” is the story of a dynamic artist’s maturity. A tale of a scholarly and complex mind acknowledging how to best appropriate his talents within the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. Through a journey into Iron’s background and extraordinary career, the techniques of a remarkable artform are explored, and a world awash with unparalleled wordplay is unearthed.

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Whence you have finished devouring “ The Art of Battle Rap with Iron Solomon,” we are confident you will be chomping at the bit to experience more of the lyrical stylings of Iron Solomon. You can download his album Monster here, his mixtape Killer here, and catch up on some of Iron’s most remarkable battles:

Iron Solomon vs. Immortal Technique (2002)

Iron Solomon vs. Thesaurus (2006)

Iron Solomon vs. Jin the MC (2007)

Iron Solomon vs. Math Hoffa (2007)

Iron Solomon vs. E. Ness (2010)

Iron Solomon vs. Daylyt (2015)

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