Two Poems by Elisa Subin

These two poems by Elisa Subin illuminate a failed creation myth, and a simple walk with a surprising destination…
by: Elisa Subin
To the SpiderGod Behind my Bedroom Door

“The door opened, but the god was a spider…”

……….Karin in Through a Glass Darkly, Ingmar Bergman (1961)

I saw you through a crack in the wall
Felt the moonlight as your hollow eyes
Drilled straight through my core
So naked, cold and

You made me a beautiful blanket
Your eight arms weaving diligently
After six nights you tenderly bestowed the silk on me
With confidence it would
Warm my heart to yours

I wrapped myself
Tight in its embrace
And sang for you an ancient hymn
Of praise
Yet you grew angry

My praise not enough
I sang louder
Though my body was immobile in your blanket’s sticky grip
My soul lit with gratitude

Eventually your eyes (so many eyes) tired of me
Perhaps my songs hurt your ears
After eternity I could only mouth silent prayers
Through my tears
Now entreating you for mercy

But mercy was not yet one of your names
Rachimim would come later
For now you let me watch
As you slowly danced across my body and feasted on my soul
Then you chose to let the chaos continue



“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”

……….Steven Wright

I wandered in the golden fog
Tied tightly to a techelet fringe
While I searched for you
Through ancient keyholes

I danced to hymns from open graves
Turned the city walls upside down
Until I stumbled in thirst
Outside your door

You welcomed me with a weary smile
Served sweet tea and pastry
As you told me of your labors
And let me wear your crown


Elisa Subin is a poet whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in Moment Poetry, Deracine Magazine, 34 Orchard Literary Journal, CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly, Thimble Magazine, Not One of Us, Jam & Sand, and Nebo: A Literary Journal, among others. She won an Honorable Mention in the Reuben Rose Poetry Competition.

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