The Year of Walter Ting

by: Michael Bradford ((Inspired by a true story.))

Across the Holidays continues as we meet a pair of young twins preparing for the arrival of an observant little Elf …

One Thanksgiving morning,
not a second past nine,
Two gorgeous twin girls,
awoke with a shine.
Three years old soon they’d be,
they were right then just two,
fore two was just perfect,
to know how to thank who.

Both smiling and happy,
the twins jumped for joy.
Sure, Thanksgiving meant foodstuff,
but soon there’d be toys.
That’s right, Santa’s season, most call Christmas time,
started just after dinner, about a quarter to nine.

Shiny visions of presents, and snowmen with smiles,
replaced all their worries, their troubles and trials.
But this year was different, and the girls knew it well,
This year they had argued, they’d bickered and yelled.

Both girls had been naughty, but even before boys,
these twins had been savvy, cunning and coy.
In Twinspeak they spoke, to make sure none could hear,
“There is just no way Santa, could watch us all year.”

“Momma doesn’t see us, when we throw down our spoons,”
“Dadda doesn’t see us, when we act like buffoons.”
“So how could Santa see us, when he’s soooo far away,
in his workshop with Elves, whom he helps night and day.”

Since Elves were so tiny, so scrawny and slight,
building big toys, took Santa’s great might,
while the boss worked away, constructing grand toys,
some said Elves watched over, all the girls and the boys.

The twins knew this story; they had heard it before,
some broad from Marietta, even sold it in stores.
Truth was they’d been nice, nearly all of each day,
but when they’d been naughty, they just would not ever say.

Mostly good as they’d been, still they worried the same,
would Santa still come, since they’d never took blame?
They knew of his magic and his trust in each Elf,
and they wondered aloud, “was there an Elf on our shelf?”

Their parents had always, been caring and true,
so just thinking of them, the girls knew what to do.
From that very moment, until Santa’s big day,
they vowed to be honest, in every which way.

All that day they played nicely, with glee and with gee,
and in tandem they thought, how lucky are we?
Later on eating dinner, all their family in sight,
they could see Babba’s dream, the one he prayed for each night.

It was family that mattered, and the love that they give,
and being thankful for them, was the right way to live.
So the girls hugged each other, just thinking that thought,
plus, no fighting all year, meant they’d never get caught.

Soon after desert, when the twins’ had enough,
of all the eating and drinking and yappin’ and stuff,
a tiny package appeared, just inside the front door,
and a bolt of excitement, shocked the twins to their core!

With wonder they peered, at the box that arrived,
Then out popped an Elf, asleep but alive.
“My Goodness” said Momma “My Word” said Dad,
But the twins calmly cooed, “that’s a heck of a lad.”

Their parents were shocked, and silent with fright,
but the girls winked and smiled, perfect timing alright.
With Georgia on my mind, the twins turned to sing,
“This Elf comes from Santa – His name’s WALTER TING!!”

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