Touching the Universe

by: James Delacroix

An author ponders the age old question….why write?


“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as they slip away across the universe.” – The Beatles

In our increasingly futuristic world where concepts, ideas, and entertainment are omnipresent and constantly battling for our attention – why write?  With the ability to worship at the omnipotent oracle of the Internet and have all of our questions answered, and the ability to become silent voyeurs into the hearts, minds and souls of the world – why write?  With everyday objects becoming digitized, sanitized, and saved for posterity – why write?  In a world with an attention span fading out of the blue and into the black – why write?

Formulating an idea and committing it to paper or screen is a little piece of one’s being freed and released into the wide open realm of the conscious world. That thought may be little more than a flickering line on a computer screen or fresh ink on paper, but from those humble beginnings a little part of your being is released. Free to either fly or crash and sink beneath the murky waters of obscurity, where only the bravest divers go in search of pearls.  Even the lost parts of one’s being as expressed through writing are of value, as even the most poorly thought out and written idea is a piece of someone.

There are countless little pieces of myself scattered throughout the world by way of notebooks, journals, the internet, and poetry anthologies. Each one of those writings is an element hurtling through open spaces and synapses, waiting to connect and form a chemical bond with a reader who in turn I can only hope will expand upon that little piece of me and add a little piece of themselves to continue the interconnectedness of the chemical chain.  Writing is science; ever changing, dynamic, and it allows us all to be the voice of our own deity.  I write to be one with the Universe.

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