Three Poems by Sadee Bee

These three poems by Sadee Bee explore the symbiosis between poetry and music, noting that a lyric can be a simple muse to open up a new world of poetic thought…

by: Sadee Bee

When the Sun Rose Again
*After Just Pretend by Bad Omens  

Bottom is where I found you, where I lost myself. 
Somewhere in that chasm, hope fleeted. 
We clung to each other like beacons in the dark. 
Hoping someday, bottom would rise to the surface. 
Such fickle hope that the world would bend to our will, our wish. 
As though love was the only buoyancy we’d ever need. 
Love is only a weight when relied upon to survive. 
Only sinking us deeper into the underbelly of being forgotten. 
And yet, I clung. I waited with you, for you. 
I craved not to be alone. 
Waiting was an open maw, hungering to devour me whole. 
You were eager to watch it tear me apart. 
Bottom was your home. Oh, how deep you’d gone. 
Shackled me to you and begged me to forget about the light. 
I could not forget, even in your eclipse. 
I waited years, counted the minutes for you to gain desire. 
I could no longer wait you out. 
You spent too long drowning me. 
I was worthy of so much more than holding on. 
So, I left you at the bottom, when the Sun rose again. 
Between Wrath and Mercy
*After Simmer by Hayley Williams 

Reticence / sits between / 
Wrath and mercy / 
Ruminate / deliberate / 
Weigh where to draw the line / 
However thin / 
I have cupped wrath to my breast /
Held it tenderly / 
As it whispered / sweet nothings / 
Mercy remains / 
Trapped in a jar / resting on my altar / 
An offering / 
I have yet to release / 
For Wrath / 
Is the only mercy /
I have come to know / 
I am Holding the Match
*After The Next Curse by Slothrust ft. Lizzy Hale

‘Earth’s gonna set on fire’
Some will wait
I am filled with desire 
To watch something burn 
Let flames lick my back
As I walk from the wreckage
‘Earth’s Gonna set on fire’
I am holding the match

Sadee Bee (she/her) is ever-evolving, as living with mental illness is never a straight line, and she hopes to be a voice and advocate for those like her. She also uses art as an outlet, creating whatever comes to mind, and is heavily drawn to speculative and out-of-this-world elements. She is inspired by strange dreams, magic, and creepy vibes.

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