Three Poems by Phrieda Bogere

These three poems by Phrieda Bogere revolve around themes of anxiety and trauma while navigating through feelings of uncertainty. Deeply raw and painfully personal, these three pieces strive to make sense of the poet’s current surroundings…

Sculpture by: Regardt Van Der Meulen

by: Phrieda Bogere


feet crossed,
cold and painfully quiet,
sitting on the floor,
heart racing in a dark room.
i had nothing to say,
you kept talking,
about the roses you
picked up this morning,
the rough sidewalks,
scraping gum off the
bottom of your shoe.
i couldn’t ignore the discomfort,
you said my name twice,
shaking my shoulder,
waving your hand in
front of my eyes.
i’m sorry, sometimes
the darkness consumes me.


anxiety attack

my heart breaks
into a million pieces.
breathing slowly,
feeling overwhelmed,
voice shaking as i
hold the phone.
haven’t felt this way
in a while, for a minute
i didn’t recognize myself.
minor inconveniences
are a nightmare,
knots turn inside my stomach,
and it doesn’t leave.
i did the best i could,
just waiting,
almost stuck in a trance.
this mind of mine is
hard to manage.


i know you can’t tell

the dirt is knee deep,
birds start whistling.
it’s almost like i
can’t even tell
that this is one of
the worst days of
my life.
things were so good
until they weren’t.
my feet feel like
they’re strangled in
quicksand, somehow
i still look like i’m alright.


Phrieda Bogere has written poetry for years before making the decision to share her work with a wider audience. Her work has been featured in Brave Voices Magazine, The Beautiful Space, and Writing In A Woman’s Voice. When she isn’t writing, she loves exercising and getting lost in a good book.

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