Three Poems by Evan Fleischer

These three poems by Evan Fleischer invite you to consider the loci of art, desire, and solidarity…

by: Evan Fleischer

Places Where Yo-Yo Ma Has Given A Surprise Cello Concert

In Piazza San Marco, with the light of student cigarettes 
blinking from the rooftops like fireflies.

In a Bodega,
his bow merrily stabbing funyuns. 

At CERN, in a vaccine waiting room, 
with Lil’ Buck on the border of two Loredo’s,
drawing maps the way the weather draws maps.

Down by the Seine, minutes before dawn,
rolling back the blanket of a cielo descubierto.

Surrounded by an army of android recreations,
Yo-Yo Ma alongside Yo-Yo Ma alongside Yo-Yo Ma,
amused at the prospect of proving himself the real.

The moon, 
surrounded by the light of fireflies 
who have grown too large for this world 

or any other.
Is It Just Me or Is It Like

… we’re in a miniature era of Anti-Folk.
Solidarity sings itself in the margins while
hate corkscrews itself in the spotlight. 
A children’s talent show of the worst. 

There’s nothing quite like the offering of
a Horny Jail or Horny on Main poem to a stranger. 
My analogy — like walking up to a bus driver:
“Does this look infected?”

What version of me is that?
I know that — 
inside my chest — 
a parrot wrapped in a towel
reads a newspaper and 
listens to the rain.

Outside my chest
a low bass buzz
a small town of big midnight trees
waiting for pizza
or both. 

Office buildings love that their employees 
don’t fuck in the dark, I’ve decided. I sit in this chair, 
a sleeping candle, asleep, a candle, surrounded by buzzing 
midnight trees of wasted energy flickering alongside 
anodyne chorales of classical sweeps, and I find myself 
wanting us to claim the dark. Everyone else is sliding towards
nullity, a void of universe-scattering speed, and I’m saying
Come here. 

Evan Fleischer is a writer, editor, and teacher. He has written for The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Guardian, The New Republic, HAD, Rejection Letters, and numerous other publications.

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