The Word is Yours – Part 1

a collection of poems by: Chris Campanioni

The emphasis on empowerment via word/wordplay is welcome for this poetry collection and its tagline “The Word Is Yours” is truly, so fitting… ((The artwork featured throughout this post is by Brion Gysin, whose eclectic works have provided considerable inspiration to the author.))

Cold Open

Take a seat and get comfortable
Roll up your sleeves
Cross your legs
If you’re naked
In any sense
Of the word
……….A little more
Impossible to draw to scale
Conversions of conversations,
Overhead musings, overheard
Talk from the countertop
Of a cafe you’ve never been to
Before. Or any place with people
Gyrating and the volume on high.
Any place worth seeking.
Any place worth writing down
And re-reading. Please.
Stay awhile.


Forward and backward

At the same time

How the world works
How the words work
When they’re touching
At the back of my mind

I’m looking past this
Eyes closed
I’m dreaming
Walking outward

In any old direction
You’re not there
Never where I have
Looked, like being blinded

Like a blindfold that looks back
A crack in the ceiling
Any old
Habit of reshaping things

Backward splashes of your feet
Slipping on rime
Forward and backward
At the same time

Lengua Vehicular

Sometimes as in a cage
Enraptured, enclosing
Something about being held
Or holding
It on the tip
Of a tongue
Letters of possession
Bent low
And bowed

Down, inclined
Words are fluid
Now a self
Contained, now
A way out


Up next: Part Two of Chris Campanioni’s “The Word is Yours”

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