The Agreement

“You jumped from slavery to Jim Crow, sharecropping and convict labor to segregation, redlining, and mass incarceration.” A work of fiction revealing of the wicked truth about The United States’ “agreement” with Black Americans…

by: Fredrick Foote

You, sirs, pastors, ministers, prelates, preachers, priests — under whatever title you assume — are in default of our agreement. We had a pact: your souls in exchange for religious dominance, wealth, power, and the perpetual persecution of the Negro.

You have breached your contract and are in arrears. You have the audacity to go so far as to deny that we have any agreement at all. Or, in the alternative, you claim that if any such contract ever existed, it is with your ancestors, and you are not bound by that “specious” accord.

You and I go way back, remember. Further, then you care to recall. We planned this enterprise a long time ago. Oh, we did. You stirred the pot, and I fed the fire.

In 1619 you said, and I quote, “Millions of black bodies will be the foundation for fortune’s worth billions and make us first among nations. It is God’s secret will.”

We shook hands on the deal, signed the contract in blood, sealed it with a glass of sherry and a bottle of rye and a hearty fare the well.

Blacks died by the hundreds of thousands en route to your New World.

You raped your Negroes, male and female, young and old. You ravished them in the African ports and in transit. You continued your sexual assaults in the proud land of the enslaved and home of the imprisoned.

You blinded your God to these endless transgressions. You gave comfort to the rapist, molester, and exploiter. You promised them salvation. You blessed the profits and the “progress” in your God’s name.

You argued, in part, that slavery was necessary to protect white women from rape by black men.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. And you, who have enslaved, imprisoned, and oppressed millions for four hundred years, claim that the incarcerated are the criminal threat to America.

Your great genius is in charging the victims with your crimes against them.

Black slaves were freed without land or compensation. Slave owners were compensated for their losses.

You were nimble, quick, and clever in finding ways to re-enslave the impoverished Blacks. You jumped from slavery to Jim Crow, sharecropping and convict labor to segregation, redlining, and mass incarceration.

The valuation of the Negro has changed over time. In slavery, you valuated them on their ability to work and reproduce. Their value is now based on their importance as consumers and their worth to the government/business prison complex.

But what hasn’t changed is that every Black life is still in white hands. You can point to any Negro and say, “That’s the nigger.” And your modern slave catchers will execute that (or any available nigger) asleep in their homes or on the streets in broad daylight.

This is the essence of our agreement. Your power over the Negro has neverever diminished.

You have, in the past, raised the defense that “The Devil made me do it.” Sirs, you do me a disservice. I did not harm a single Negro or encourage or coerce you or anyone to do so. I did give you permission to be your natural selves because your God would not. He commanded you to love your neighbor as yourselves. You came slithering to me, under cover of darkness, to gain this historical advantage and avoid His mandate.

Now, at this crucial juncture in your vapid history, you point to me and claim that you feel threatened, persecuted, and unappreciated by the world’s reaction to your anti-Black policies and practices. You argue that even if there was such a contract, I have not kept my part of the bargain. However, our agreement makes no reference to your state of mind or mental health.

These are issues for the jury that, per our deal, I will select. I have complete confidence that I will prevail on every contested matter.

We have an agreement. You still profit from this compact. I have kept my part of the bargain. Yet, I go unpaid. I did reap generations of souls. I admit that, but current beneficiaries of that ancient contract are soulless, without regret, and in denial of the benefits they enjoy because of our pact. Your shameless generation has pushed me to the edge of bankruptcy.

You force me to take action in this court of competent jurisdiction to secure the compensation due to me or, in the alternative, such valuables from you that would reimburse me for my loss and the cost of these proceedings.

I have selected our twelve jurors and two alternates. Each juror is an expert on police violence in your nation. I anticipate a speedy trial and a swift decision. Our jurors are,

Michael Brown, Daniel Prude, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Philando Castille, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, and Tamir Rice.

Hold! Stop! Save your objections to an all-Black jury until the judges are seated. Still, I will note that each juror is approximately twenty percent white due to your history of rape and sexual aggression. They are not an all-Black jury.

As per our binding agreement, you have selected two of our three judges, Presidents Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson.

I have selected as the Presiding Judge an expert in and leader of your religions, Jesus Christ—”

Wait! You claim Jesus is an imposter because he is Black, has nappy hair and broad lips.

Well, there is no court of appeal in this matter. We have to accept these jurors and judges as we find them.

Of course, you do have a Heavenly Father. You are always free to appeal to him. However, time is of the essence, and we must start this court session immediately.

Now, you want a settlement conference? You demand a settlement conference.

Look at you, making demands at this late date.

Fortunately, Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks are available to preside over and guide our settlement efforts.

Don’t look so glum. I’m sure your God is on your side.

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