The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

by: Courtney Keesee

Watching her, you could get lost in the stars…

Starry Eyes2

Stars fall into her eyes, like that’s where they were always meant to be. A galaxy all her own grows inside that mind of hers, and if you watch close enough, you can see the stars swirl into place.

Her brow twitches, and you just have to wonder what is going on behind those eyes. What kind of thoughts take flight, soaring through the stars, and do they ever land on a planet all their own, sprouting up some life where something was once so bare?

Watching her, you could get lost in the stars.

She’ll take you on a trip through the Milky Way with nothing more than a look, and you know just what look I am talking about. The way she puts you in that rocket, shooting you off into a wonderland all your own. God, how does she do it?

A strand of hair falls, drifting past her eyes, casting the slightest shadow over her universe. Burning bright, the sun shines in her cheeks, as she slowly moves the hair away.

The book in her hand never once falling, she’s so wrapped up in her little world. And without a word, you fall in love with the girl with stars in her eyes. While she falls in love with a character on a page. You crave to be the words on that page, just so she would look at you that way. Because watching her is giving you life.

Her eyes move slightly from the page, catching yours, and off you go through the Milky Way. The sun shines just a touch brighter through her cheeks, and she bites her lip just a bit, embarrassed you just watched her fall in love with character in a book. Never knowing, you just fell in love with her.

The girl with stars in her eyes, living in her own little world, and you know reality means nothing to her. The way she turns the page, such care for the paper her world lives on.

Her eyes drift through the words so quickly, she tries to keep herself from laughing out loud, but you crave to hear her happiness. They way she reads, the way she gets lost in the words, you could only imagine getting lost in her that way.

You sit there watching from afar, the unread pages getting fewer and fewer, and her expression ever changing. The stars in her eyes begin the slow, the colors turning grey, her brow twitching ever so slightly. You watch the life that had sprouted up on that little planet, begin to die.

And a single tear, carrying a million stars, falls up the last page, the book closing slowly, as she cradles it to her chest.



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