Podcast – Beyond the Margin: Rodger Kamenetz’s Natural Dreamwork

Beyond the Margin (podcast!) delves into the world of dreams and explores Natural Dreamwork with the award winning author of The History of Last Night’s Dream (and The Jew in the Lotus), Rodger Kamenetz…

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In the latest episode of Across the Margin’s podcast, award-winning poet, author and teacher Rodger Kamenetz ventures Beyond the Margin to discuss a subject he has devoted his entire life to: dreams. Kamenetz, a prolific and bestselling author of ten books, is best known for The Jew in the Lotus, which follows the story of rabbis making a holy pilgrimage through India to meet with the Dalai Lama. His account of their historic dialogue became an international bestseller, prompting a reevaluation of Judaism in the light of Buddhist thought. But of all of Kamenetz’s works, the one that drew in Beyond the Margin host Michael Shields was The History of Last Night’s Dream, a novel that delves into a mysterious inner realm and suggests the idea that dreams are not only intensely meaningful, but hold essential truths about who we are.

When The History of Last Night’s Dream was released in 2007, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Kamenetz on her “Soul Series” program, professing, “What’s so exciting about this book is that it talks about how there’s a whole other life that we are living when we sleep and that our dreams are there as offerings and gifts to us if we only recognize what the dreams are there to teach us.” Building off this idea, Rodger and Michael discuss Rodger’s work and their shared passion for dreams, his journey to becoming a dream guide and expert, the study and practice of Natural Dreamwork (“The Wild Medicine!”), the fallacies of dream interpretation, the healing power of dreams, the function and potential of images, the link between poetry and dreams, Rodger’s forthcoming release which is influenced by his dream work (a taste can be found now at Across the Margin!), and much, much more. So journey Beyond the Margin and come face to face with the extraordinary life-changing power of dreams.

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5 replies on “Podcast – Beyond the Margin: Rodger Kamenetz’s Natural Dreamwork”
  1. Wonderful interview with Rodger Kamenetz, my own dream teacher and colleague. I appreciated your questions and insights, Michael…they spoke to your own knowing and desire around dreamwork. I encourage your listeners to visit our website, thenaturaldream.com, to find out more about Natural Dreamwork and the richness and support found in all of our dreams. We are a dedicated group of Natural Dreamwork Practitioners ready to step into their dreams. Kind regards, Mary Jo Heyen

    1. says: Chris Thompson


      Thank you for the kind words. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from your dream teacher and colleague. I will add a link to the website in this article immediately, and continually steer those interested that way!

      – Michael

  2. Dear Michael,
    I appreciated listening to your conversation with Rodger Kamenetz. I am new to your podcast and will listen to more of them since their content is very interesting to me. (I live in Holland and found this episode through a tweet by Rodger Kamenetz.) I love his books and insights a lot and they have helped me get more into the feelings of my own dreamexplorations.)
    One thing that bothered me a little bit during listening to the podcast is the music that is played softly in the background. I understand having an intro score etc, but was it a conscious choice to play music during the interview? I wonder why you chose for that, for for me it makes it more hard to listen to what is being said. (but on that note, I also can’t write and listen to music at the same time, while there might be many others to whom that is no problem).

    1. says: Chris Thompson


      We truly appreciate your comment and feedback. Thank you so much. It thrills us that you enjoyed the interview with Roger (we too are incredibly inspired by his work!). And thank you so much for pointing out your concern with the background music, as we — to some level — share that concern and love to hear back from listeners (some of who have responded positively about the addition…as it helped them get lost in the podcast). The majority of our podcast do not enhance the audio of the interview with background music (I believe we have utilized that option in about 3 – 4 episodes). In this case music was employed for a very specific reason, as there was some odd sounds and feedback (due to the fact that we taped the interview remotely) that the music helped dampen out some. Upon review of the podcast after post production, we thought it wasn’t bothersome and did achieve that goal to a degree, but we are well aware that this could be a distraction to some and apologize for that. Again, it is not something we do often here at Across the Margin, The Podcast, and as the podcast grows as will our technical abilities and we hope to reach a point soon where we don’t have issues such as this to mask. Very soon!

      Thanks again! And we share your passion about Rodgers work. It was an honor for us to interview him and share his teachings!

      1. You are welcome Michael! Thank you for clearing up for me why you chose the backgroundmusic, that makes sense. It won’t hamper me from listening to your podcasts more often and I am glad you are open to feedback. Thank you once more, it was an excellent episode!

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