Podcast – Beyond the Margin: The Boundless Wonders of Jordan

Beyond the Margin takes you on a journey to the Middle East, marveling at the many wonders that inhabit the country of Jordan…

BTM-Episode 27

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In the latest episode of Beyond the Margin, we feature an interview with Omar Banihani, Marketing Manager at the Jordan Tourism Board. In his current role, Omar handles the design and implementation of consumer and trade advertising campaigns, as well as forming strategic trade marketing partnerships to increase travel to Jordan. As our tour guide for the podcast, Omar shines a bright light on the lands of Jordan, opening up the listener’s eyes to the extensive marvels (both natural and manmade) and the rich, vibrant culture of an oft-misunderstood country.

While digging into the history, the people, and the boundless wonders that await a tourist in Jordan (particularly, the City of Petra!), we get to know the country through the personal experiences of Omar, a man who now considers both Jordan and the Unites States home, and who can specifically expand on the dual experience of being a Middle Easterner in the United States and an American in the Middle East. So dive deep, and journey with Beyond the Margin on a trip halfway around the world, and into the heart of a profoundly fascinating, and endlessly beautiful, country.

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