The Paulcast: Live From Buffalo Wild Wings

by: Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith

The Paulcast Starring Mark Jared Smith returns, this time recording from a chain restaurant in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal…

The PaulCast starring Mark Jared “Big Business” Smith returns with an episode taped inside of Buffalo Wild Wings during the thick of a lunch rush. Although the reason behind the decision to tape within a crowded (and loud!) restaurant never truly comes to light, the energy in the room is palpable. And although the distractions are many, the conversation remains tenacious, and as honest as ever.

In this fourth installment of The Paulcast, hosts Paul and Mark lament over the third episode of the Paulcast, divulge their religious affiliations and debate the applicable “perks” of each, examine the physics of underwater “blowies,” and debate an idea brought forth by Paul that “everyone is racist” – all while having their senses assaulted by the multitude of televisions and distractions about.

Not to be outdone, The Paulcast: Live from Buffalo Wild Wings features a story about Paul’s ambitions and his attempt to have a show about snacks on The Food Network, an explanation about Paul’s beef with the NFL, and – most importantly – the “most fucked up story ever told at Buffalo Wild Wings.”

So, tune in and turn it up (honestly, turn it up – remember, this was taped within a bustling restaurant!!), and enjoy the always fascinating rants of Paul, and a man oozing with a 1970s brand of intoxicating sexuality, Mark Jared “Big Business” Smith.

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This episode was dedicated to Danielia Donohue Reidy (whose fan art inspired the episode) and to Mose Malone (R.I.P.).

The music employed to set the tone for the episode was “Crazy Rhythms” by The Feelies, “Mountains and Buffaloes” by Ween (for the lunch interlude) and Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth.”

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