The Paulcast: The Mental Health Episode

by: Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith

The Paulcast returns with their first podcast of 2016 to wax poetic about their most weighty topic to date…


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The PaulCast Starring Mark Jared “Big Business” Smith returns with their first episode of 2016, and although it’s been some time since the comedic duo convened for a Paulcast, Episode 6 proves that all good things come to those that wait. In the aptly titled “Mental Health Episode,” hosts Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith discuss their experiences tackling, head on, their mental well-being. With Big Business perched upon the cusp of an intensive psychiatric examination, listeners are given the opportunity to more understand Paul and Mark through a discussion about Mark’s thoughts leading up to the analysis and Paul’s experiences with anxiety in his developmental years. It is safe to say, that The Paulcast has never before been quite this real.

But this is in fact still a Paulcast, so while serious subjects are delicately analyzed, the unabashed hosts waste little time in talking about their dicks, revealing the story they never told you in Ferris Bueller, and in leading the listener deep into Paul’s “enlightened” psyche where he attempts to pinpoint the exact moment where human beings’ first encountered conscious deception (the first “hustle”). Not to be outdone, Big Business drops not one, but two, unforgettable jokes, one that involves canoes, and the other involving Siamese Twins.

So tune in, The Paulcast is back, and dare we say – more Paulcast-y than ever!

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