KICKS – Christian Louboutin Stage Flat

by: Michael Shields

A brand new series here at Across the Margin – KICKS – where we infuse introductions to fashionable footwear with a dash of creative writing.  First up – Christian Louboutin’s Stage Flats…..

Linen-white walls extended their massive wingspans up through fluted Ionic columns to an elaborate ceiling inset with coved roundels. Countless antique classic brass chandeliers plunged into the room like freshly dipped candles weeping to a dry finish.  The traditional wood basket-weave floor warmed the room with its cinnamon hue and dizzying crisscross pattern.

Their eyes met from across the crowded ballroom through a sea of black tuxedos and evening gowns. She stood out like a lone blossom in an otherwise infertile garden. A red mermaid strapless evening gown with a sequined sweetheart neckline clung tightly to her frame. It was revealing in every place pertinent, with an open front that allowed for her left leg to catch some fresh air every other step while also increasing the aggregate heart-rate of the opulent hall. On her right shoulder, poking its head from beneath the velvety garment, sat cursive words etched into her skin, a tattoo exposing its face in a room agasp at the thought.

She was different.

He took a sip of his 25 year old Macallan leisurely, maintaining eye contact confidently.  She averted her gaze momentarily, dropping her line of sight to the floor – she wasn’t shy, just not ready to submit. She steadied and re-examined the young man from head to toe. Patent leather shoes adorned his feet, unblemished and glistening in the luminous room. He’s the same as the rest she thought, until a shift of weight by the young gentlemen afforded her a glimpse of the heel of his shoe, where an audacious gold chain postured itself – a subtlety of swag offsetting the homogeneous attire of every male in the gaudy room.

He was different.

She approached….

Christian Louboutin is a French footwear designer who has never shied away from bold. Louboutin is generally associated with his dressier eveningwear designs incorporating jeweled straps, bows, feathers, patent leather, and similar decorative touches, and he has had a large hand in helping bring stilettos back into fashion in the 1990’s and 2000′. Louboutin is most popularly known for his red-bottom high heel shoes, commonly referred to as “sammy red-bottoms. He has always been a man to cause a stir upon each and every release, and this pattern holds true with the  Men’s 2012 Fall/Winter Stage Flat.  A black patent leather shoe adorned with a a gold chain on the heel – truly remarkable.

The Stage Flat is now available from Christian Louboutin for $995 USD.

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