Podcast: Beyond the Margin – ATM Publishing, Seneca Rebel & Writing Your Truth

Beyond the Margin (Podcast) returns with some exciting news and a rousing journey through Across the Margin’s most recent stories…


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In their latest podcast, hosts Michael Shields and Chris Thompson discuss Across the Margin’s foray into publishing (ATM Publishing) and the release of their first novel, Rayya Deeb’s Seneca Rebel which is available this week! Following up on this exciting news, Michael and Chris take the listener on a journey Around the Margin, discussing a myriad of noteworthy stories and articles published recently. Articles by talented authors such as David Raney (“Why Can’t We Argue Like Adults”), Frederick Foote (“The Tablet”), M.B. Binkley (“A Homage to Mickey Mouse”), Sarah Fader (“Goodbye”), Allie Burke (“To Breathe You In”), and Ian Johnson “(Liberec”).

To conclude the episode, two stories which had their genesis at Across the Margin’s (with Sarah Fader) recent Writer’s Workshop, Writing Your Truth, are read. The first is Tiffany Yu’s highly affecting “Dear Dad,” a reminder of the fragility of life, and of the connectivity of kinship that yearns to define us. The second is Patrick J. Dalton’s unforgettable “Living Remnant,” a journey into a life of chaos, one that needs to be fueled, fed, and even shared with others.

So dive deep and go Beyond the Margin, where we take you behind the scenes of the online magazine and deeper into the stories behind the stories.

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