Podcast: Beyond the Margin – Buried Above Ground

Beyond the Margin returns with a poignant discussion about living with PTSD with the director of Buried Above Ground, Ben Selkow…


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In the latest installment of their podcast, Across the Margin welcomes award-winning filmmaker Ben Selkow into the studio to talk about his latest film, Buried Above Ground, a documentary that explores the harrowing stories of three Americans living with the burdens of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) ((A combat-wounded Army Captain returning from Iraq with a Purple Heart, a native New Orleanian survivor of Hurricane Katrina, and a domestic violence survivor)). With three stories, Buried Above Ground takes the realities of living with PTSD out of the shadows and allows the audience to experience the emotional, medical, and financial costs of this mental health epidemic. Buried Above Ground is an important film that contributes to reshaping the way our society thinks about mental health issues and helps viewers dispel the myths and misconceptions about PTSD.

Ben Selkow has directed and produced non-fiction pieces for HBO, CNN, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Pivot TV, Esquire Network/NBCU, Sundance Channel and Fox Sports Net while working with Zero Point Zero, Matador Content, DreamWorks Television, KPI, Sharp, Blowback Productions, and Hock Films. He has worked on everything from long-form documentaries to feature film studio productions to commercials to music videos to television episodics. A significant amount of Ben Selkow’s focus as an artist has been on projects that lean socially conscious, and Buried Above Ground is a fine example of this. Due to his filmmaking background and the six years of the film’s production, Ben is the ideal person to help us at Across the Margin, and all those who journey with us Beyond the Margin, better understand a mental health condition that affects over 450 million people worldwide.

So dive deep into Episode 10 of Beyond the Margin, where Ben Selkow and Buried Above Ground confront the distressing question: What would you do if the worst thing that ever happened to you felt like it kept happening?

Buried Above Ground Premieres Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 8 p.m. on Public Television’s WORLD Channel!

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