Podcast: Beyond the Margin – The Refugee Crisis & America’s Cold Shoulder

Beyond the Margin delves into the worldwide refugee crisis and in doing so casts a light on the human element at its heart so often neglected…

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Appalled by the Trump Administration’s lack of empathy for those in need of urgent help, host Michael Shields and Beyond the Margin regular Brian Sachson explore President Trump’s failed attempt at halting the flow of refugees into the U.S. and the impetus that underscored this unsuccessful executive action. Opening on the global stage, Michael and Brian dig deep into the worldwide refugee crisis, assessing the authentic threat (or lack thereof) refugees entering the United States pose while expounding on the rigorous vetting process they must endure to gain entry. Vexed by the current state of affairs, your hosts express their disappointment over the Trump Administration’s clear abandonment of those in need while harshly criticizing its efforts to demonize those of Islamic faith.

To help illustrate the decency and goodwill of refugees throughout the world and the depth of their struggle, this episode of Beyond the Margin includes an interview with Kim Proal, a volunteer who works in conjunction with the Norwegian-based NGO, Drapen i Havet (“A Drop in the Ocean”), that provides aid to Syrian refugees in Greece. In this podcast’s second act, Kim walks the listener through the refugee camps she has worked in, providing insight and understanding into the daily lives of those she helps and in doing so she draws attention to the continuing struggles of those she grew close to, people Kim describes as “the the kindest, most generous humans” she has ever met.

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