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Across the Margin, in coordination with editor and author Sarah Fader, is pleased to offer an opportunity for writers to convene and grow…

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We know it’s tough out there. Submitting your labors of love to a literary magazine can often be a daunting task. In light of these difficulties we are of the opinion that one can never be too prepared for braving the numerous pitfalls and obstacles that may stand in the way of publication. In addition, we understand that sometimes it isn’t easy to take a story that is near and dear to your heart, one that you may not be wholly comfortable telling – but need to tell – and bring it from idea to completion. But fear not brave wordsmiths (particularly those in the tri-state area!), for we are here to help.

Across the Margin, in companion with Sarah Fader (seasoned author of 3 Year Olds Are Assholes, The Stigma Fighters Anthology and Old School / New School Mom) are excited to announce a new writer’s workshop, entitled Write Your Truth, that not only will help authors discover the most direct path towards publication, but also help them find their voice. It’s a workshop about telling the story you have yearned to tell for some time. It’s an opportunity to write your truth, the one that when told, will live a new life and hopefully in that way, help in offering a measure of catharsis. And the editorial staff of Across the Margin, along with Sarah Fader, plan to be right there with you in this process, not only sharing their combined wealth of knowledge that comes with many years typing away at the keyboard, but by accompanying you in the writing process, calling attention to those techniques and ideas that have proven successful. Over the four week course, the participants of Writing For Truth will:

Session 1 – Introduction to the personal essay

During the introductory session, workshop participants will brainstorm topics they’d like to write a personal essay on. We will talk about the concept of small moments that have impacted us in profound ways. Participants will start the first draft of their essays.

Session 2 – First Draft

During the second session, the attendees will discuss the notes they’ve received on their first drafts. They will have had an opportunity to look over the suggested edits made for them. They will give feedback about how it felt to be edited. Attendees will work on their drafts and send back a second draft for review.

Session 3 – Second Draft

During this session, the essays will start to take shape. Members of the course will read their essay aloud so the group can provide constructive feedback. Attendees will provide notes about what worked and what could be improved upon.

Session 4 – Final Draft & The Art of Pitching

All members will read their essay aloud to the group. It will be a celebration of sorts. We will discuss the art of pitching your work to editors in the world of freelance writing.

We do not attest to possessing all the answers, but we are well aware of the value of convening with editors and writers who have experience navigating the tumultuous waters of the submission process. So join us for the Writing You Truth Workshop, hosted by Across the Margin and Sarah Fader, where all you need when you enter is some courage and an idea, and where you will leave with a story ready to share with the world.


Four week program. Dates: March 22nd, Mar 29th, April 5th, & April 12th, 2016. From 8-9 pm in Brooklyn, NY (Location TBA). $300 per participant.

Payment payable via PayPal to stigmafightersdotcom@gmail.com.

To register – Please fill out the online registration form here!

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