Welcome To The Party Pal — They All Laughed

Welcome To The Party Pal pays tribute to the illustrious director Peter Bogdanovich through an exploration of the film he called “my personal favorite amongst all my films,” They All Laughed…

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Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates the life and career of famed director Peter Bogdanovich through an examination of one of his most influential films, They All Laughed. They All Laughed is a 1981 American romantic comedy film directed by Peter Bogdanovich starring Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, John Ritter, Colleen Camp, Patti Hansen, and Dorothy Stratten. The film was based on a screenplay by Bogdanovich and Blaine Novak. It takes its name from the George and Ira Gershwin song of the same name. The film is set in New York City, largely filmed outdoors on the streets, and tells the story of three private detectives investigating two beautiful women for infidelity. The detectives eventually wind up romantically pursuing the women, who turn the tables on them. The film serves as a candid look at love and sex in New York City in the early 1980s.

In this episode hosts Michael Shields and Mitch Lucas discuss how intertwined art and life were in the crafting of They All Laughed while conversing upon the unique stylistic choices present in the film. They detail the reason country music played such a large part in They All Laughed, marvel at the stunning cast, expound upon the various themes in present in the movie, and much, much more.

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