Welcome To The Party Pal — The White Lotus

Welcome To The Party Pal delves into vacation colonialism, radical honesty, and the horrors of hotel reservations gone awry, in a dissection of the first season of HBO’s critically acclaimed drama, The White Lotus…

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Welcome To The Party Pal sets its sights on The Aloha State in an episode that celebrates the first season of The White Lotus, the American satirical comedy-drama series created, written, and directed by Mike White. The series was greenlit in October 2020 and filmed in Hawaii in late 2020. Featuring an ensemble cast including Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Lacy, Natasha Rothwell, and Steve Zahn, the first season, consisting of six episodes, concerns the lives of the staff and guests at a tropical resort in Hawaii. In August 2021, the series was renewed for a second season, which will tell the story of a different group of travelers during their stay at another White Lotus property. In this episode hosts Michael Shields and Justin Wells explore the intriguing way in which the series was conceived, converse upon what the season says about Hawaii’s lasting colonial trauma and they way in which people of privileged vacation, while pontificating over the varying dynamic and comedic themes present in the season.

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