Two Poems by Laura Andrea

These two poems by Laura Andrea explore a latent and lapsed catholic guilt by reimagining faith as mythos both modern and ancient…

by Laura Andrea

[in Super Smash Bros. Melee voice] CHOOSE YOUR SAINT

weaponize the saints haunting the armory
stitched inside my living
room couch. nothing is more
catholic than a sword-gun-fist fight in the sky.
verify that your saint exists:
halt all movement & spit altar accouterments.
do they beat(ify) you with a righteous physicality?

cross-reference your wounds with the patronage list
you've birthed bruisemancy. controllers are an old testament beating

your brow with myth. 
bedtime prayer

your name
a sigh
and a delusion about our sex
being narratively compliant. 

there is a dragon underneath the pews
converted into living
room furniture. 

we bought the church for cheap
threw up dry-
wall down the aisle. 

everyone kinda wants save the world
but I’ll settle for this building:
the damsel guarded by the beast
saved by a damsel and her beast. 

the charred scripture salvaged
made for mosaic prophecies.
you will find sanctuary in the most beautiful woman
after 70 weeks of pulling apart her temple.

the wood is half-blessed and fully imbued 
with aches for different aches
that smother under your paws.
the bed frame comes out jagged but sturdy
night comes as fast as dawn as fast as scales
also jagged but sturdy through me.

Laura Andrea is a writer from Carolina, Puerto Rico. They hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso and is a 2023 Periplus Fellow. Her work can be found in Luna Luna Magazine, Acentos Review, and Rio Grande Review, among others. They’re the author of genderbi (Ghost City Press, 2022) a poetry microchap, and writes the column Monsterfucker for Final Girl Bulletin Board. You can follow her day to day @lauranlora.

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