Three Poems by J Michael Tynan

These three poems by J Michael Tynan appeal to the triptych of existence: the head, the heart and the soul…

by: J Michael Tynan


I measure the wren
in my fabled fist
A first communion for both
Her speck eyes brimming bright with shock

She nests feign
in my gentle awe
Granted refuge
From her feline hunter’s maw

When blue beckoned freedom in a sharp flutter

From my yellow envy

To vanish,

as I see

I am a wren

Captive of a callous human cat ready to leave her bloody scratch

I measure my courage

In my empty, feeble fist

And look to the untouchable sky
Meaning of…

Life is a designed futility
Universal progress
Abstracting divine advancement
For synchronicity
with intangible inexplicability

A desert search by starlight
More frantic with less time
For a flower of disregard
A perpetual bloom of meaning for no-one

Forever in the shallows of substance, drowned
By treacherous pleasure
Unquestioned happiness
Is the flagrant truth destroyer

Fingers of despair scramble up
the Cliff of Truth
Infinite as the defining summit
holds a lie of all faith bar one

So, to be is one of liberty to question:
“To be what?
“Or why?”
Or why bother?
Morphing Words

How can a river accelerate to become a driver?

And smooth ice have a rough ending as pumice?

If mean rhymes with lean, then why can’t meaned be spoken as if it was meant when leaned can also be leant?

If height can give a fright, then it’s scary that freight rhymes with crate?

How can one be anointed as the wan and only wan, yet take on a different sound when found in tone?

J Michael Tynan hails from Cork City, Ireland. He worked for 40 years at the Irish Examiner newspaper, as a sub-editor and equestrian correspondent. He is the co-editor of the Blue Mondays 2021 Poetry Anthology and a contributor. He is the co-writer of the winning entry in the 2019 Cork International Folk Festival Song Contest and has staged two solo exhibitions, featuring works combining his poetry and his photography.Tynan’s first short film, Sorry, premiered at  Fastnet Film Festival. His second film, Leap of Faith is currently doing the festival circuit. He is collaborating on his first poetry film. 

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