Across the Margin: The Podcast, Episode 1 – A Primer

by: Michael Shields and Chris Thompson

Across the Margin is proud to present the debut of its podcast, Beyond the Margin….

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We here at Across the Margin are thrilled to invite you to listen to the premiere episode of our podcast, Beyond the Margin. For some time now we have been sharpening our pencils, preparing our notes, ironing out our format, and acclimating ourselves to the technologies that would give us the capacity to take you on a sonic journey Across the Margin, to a place where the sentence ends but the story just begins. Initially, a podcast was never a part of the plan here at Across the Margin, but as we grew, we began to look upon it as the next logical step. A podcast provides us the opportunity to tell the stories behind the stories here at Across the Margin, to offer up engaging new ones, and to introduce you to some truly amazing people ((In the concluding discussion of the podcast, we allude to Nietzsche and his “Revaluation Of Values.” A recent Radiolab podcast dove further into this idea during the discussion of the novel, In the Dust of This Planet by Eugene Thacker. If this idea interests you, we highly recommend a listen!)).

For Beyond the Margin’s first episode, we provide what essentially amounts to a primer, a chance for you, the listener, to learn more about Across the Margin. It’s an opportunity for you to come to an understanding about our goals and the types of dynamic content we have to offer at the website, as well as what we have in store for you in upcoming podcasts! Episode 1 features three short stories read by the authors themselves, a selection of tales that we are excited to share and feel exhibit the sort of poignant storytelling that makes Across the Margin so great. The authors and their stories are:

The Banjo by Tom Rau

Community Garden by Douglas Grant ((With the accompaniment of Grace Cathedral Park – Play Delicate, Desire Quiet))

Pinwheel by Diana Grindea

As we make crystal clear in our podcast, this is only the beginning. This inaugural podcast is simply the sonic foundation upon which we will build Beyond the Margin. Every story has a first chapter, and every chapter an opening line….this one is ours.

So, we invite you to come along as hosts Michael Shields and Chris Thompson take you Beyond the Margin, guiding you deeper into the stories and articles that call Across the Margin home. Listen in as we take you on a storytelling journey, one where you are bound to meet a plethora of intriguing writers, wordsmiths, poets, artists, musicians, and unhinged eccentrics illustrating the notion that there are captivating stories to be found everywhere.

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