Podcast: Beyond the Margin – Rayya Deeb’s Seneca Rebel

Beyond the Margin returns with an expansive interview with author Rayya Deeb, begging the question: “What if your one chance to change the world means you have to leave everything you love behind?”…


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With the latest installment of Across the Margin’s podcast, host Michael Shields proudly introduces you to Rayya Deeb, author of Seneca Rebel. Throughout this podcast, listeners are afforded the opportunity to get to know Rayya, as the discussion courses through her history in screenwriting, her many influences that forged the path towards Seneca Rebel, and much, much more. Opening the door into the expansive world of Seneca, Rayya outlines the novel’s premise, delves deep into its subtleties, reveals the man responsible for Han Solo, discusses the benefit of the Save The Cat writing process, and even hints at what is to come as the Seneca franchise expands.

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