Podcast – Beyond the Margin: The David Carl Interview

Beyond the Margin probes the comedic mind of actor/comedian David Carl, a talented performer so capable that he is able to masquerade as two of the planet’s most enigmatic personalities…

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In the latest episode of Beyond the Margin, host Michael Shields welcomes into the studio actor and comedian David Carl. For the past five years, David has been writing and performing his own solo work with Michole Biancosino as co-creator and director. Currently, you can catch David in Trump Lear every Saturday at Under St. Mark’s Theater in New York City, and you can also find him playing the part of Gary Busey (Pappas!) in Point Break Live. His performance of David Carl’s Celebrity One-Man Hamlet was a breakout hit of the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival, receiving an extended run at Baruch College and an award for “Overall Excellence in Solo Performance.” In 2015, David and actor/comedian Katie Hartman created a dark musical comedy called David and Katie Get Re-Married, and in October 2016, David played Donald Trump at Laugh Boston in Trump Takes On Boston after playing him for a year in Road to the White House at the People’s Improv Theater. These projects all run in tandem with all the film & television, music, and voiceover work that David tirelessly pursues.

During the podcast, Michael And David dig into the origins and the ins-and-outs of Trump Lear, discuss Carl’s early acting career and his journey into and through the New York comedy scene, and as the podcast progresses, David opens up about the challenges and thrills of his craft, the side jobs rife with life lessons that enabled his artistic career, and the motivations and the vigor required to impersonate huge personalities such as Donald Trump and Gary Busey. So dive deep in another installment of Beyond the Margin, with an episode that offers both laughs and a weighty insight into a cunning comedic mind.

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