Podcast: Beyond the Margin – ATM & The State of the Union

by: Michael Shields and Chris Thompson

Beyond the Margin returns with a poignant discussion about writing, politics, and a bittersweet journey Westward for one of its own…


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In the latest episode of Across the Margin’s podcast, Beyond the Margin, hosts Michael Shields and Chris Thompson sit down to discuss the current state of affairs at the magazine, delving into its most recent articles and stories and examining the spectacle that is our present-day political climate as we head into the home stretch of the 2016 US Presidential Election. As the episode unfolds, Mike and Chris dive into the present electoral cycle and explore the prevailing idea that today’s voters are being faced with choosing between the “lesser of two evils” as their choice for Commander in Chief. In consideration of the crazed and adequately corrupt systems deeply entrenched in the United States political system, America’s shortcomings are mulled over and in doing so a measure of hope for the future in technology’s ability to bring us together is, by some means, unearthed.

To conclude this latest episode, your hosts discuss Chris’s impending move out west to Oregon, where he’ll be planting the flag of Across the Margin’s west coast offices firmly in the ground, and what that means for the future of the magazine and its many interests in general. So come along on another adventure Beyond the Margin, where the sentence ends, but the story just begins…

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