Podcast: Beyond the Margin – Spanning The Globe with Timothy Konrad

Beyond the Margin welcomes Timothy Konrad, Founder and CEO of Unofficial Networks, in studio for an interview that spans the globe…

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In the latest episode of Beyond the Margin, host Michael Shields, with help from BTM regular Brian Sachson, delves into life as a ski bum and the profound benefits of a livelihood brimming with travel in an interview with Timothy Konrad, Founder and CEO of Unofficial Networks. Unofficial Networks hails itself as a “ski bum’s guide to outdoor news and entertainment” and is an increasingly popular outdoors website with a focus on skiing and snowboarding. In addition to his work with Unofficial Networks, Tim advises on strategic growth and development at gCaptain, currently the world’s largest online maritime publication, and produced the cult-classic ski-film G.N.A.R. The Movie. He also works in association with SkiDUCK, a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged and financially underprivileged youth through teaching and sharing the joys of skiing and snowboarding.

In this latest outdoors-themed episode, Mike, Brian and Tim delve into the pacifying effects of a life spent deeply immersed in nature, expound upon the astonishing expanse of The Dolomites in Northern Italy, and Tim, ultimately and impactfully, provides an answer to the question: Where can one go to embark upon the ultimate ski adventure? So dive deep as Beyond the Margin takes you on a whirlwind adventure around the globe, and takes a closer look into the heart and soul of a lifelong, passionate ski bum.

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