Welcome To The Party Pal Podcast — John Was Trying To Contact Aliens

Welcome To The Party Pal Podcast (Osiris Media) explores the entirely unique and captivating Netflix documentary John Was Trying To Contact Aliens...

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In this episode of Welcome To The Party Pal, host Michael Shields, along with the help of podcaster (Brokedown Podcast / The Helping Friendly Podcast) and musician Jonathan Hart, explores the recently-released micro-documentary John Was Trying To Contact Aliens. Directed by Matthew Killip and featuring electronic whiz John Shepherd, the documentary tells the story of a man who tried to contact aliens by broadcasting music into space for over 30 years utilizing state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment. While John’s quest to communicate with extraterrestrial life fails in its goal, John ends up making a significant and long-lasting connection nonetheless. In this episode Michael and Jonathan discuss how exceptional of a hobby it is to be E.T.’s personal DJ, the endearing spirit of John Sheppard, the deeply-affecting story of human loneliness and human connection at the heart of the film, and much more.

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Jonathan Hart is the host of the Brokedown Podcast, and co-host of the Helping Friendly Podcast, both part of the growing Osiris Media Group. Follow Jonathan Hart on Twitter @rowj. Listen to Jonathan’s new song, “New Day Soon” at Bandcamp, where you can purchase the song (with all proceeds to the song being directed to the ACLU until Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2021).

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