Across The Margin: The Podcast — DELANILA’s Overloaded

Across The Margin: The Podcast celebrates the debut album (Overloaded) from the experimental art-pop band DELANILA, thorough an interview with composer, musician, and performer Danielle Eva Schwob…

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This latest episode of Across The Margin : The Podcast finds host Michael Shields in conversation with composer, musician, and performer Danielle Eva Schwob. Originally from London but based in New York, Schwob is a “notable cross-genre composer” (The New Yorker) and “worldly musical chameleon” (TimeOut) with “deep roots in rock music” (NY Times) who writes concert music, avant-garde pop, and film scores. Schwob, who helms that art-pop experimental band DELANILA, recently put forth into the world a captivating album entitled Overloaded, an inventive work of art with cinematic genre-bending flavorings. Co-produced by Schwob and three-time Grammy-winning super producer David Bottrill (Muse, Tool, Peter Gabriel), Overloaded serves as DELANILA’s stunning debut where complex electro-pop arrangements swirl under her bell-like soprano that slips between conversational clarity and eerily angelic musings. In addition to Bottrill, the list of DELANILA collaborators on Overloaded is impressive, including Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar (Sia, Coldplay, Haim), top beat programmer and producer Pearse MacIntyre, drummer Aaron Steele (Portugal, The Man), Nick Semrad and Adam Agati of Cory Henry’s Funk Apostles, Jim Orso (Hot Chip), Jennifer Choi (John Zorn), Cornelius DuFallo (FLUX), and more. In this episode, one which contemplates what it means to be a musician and artist in these rapidly changing times, Shields and Schwob expound upon the weighty themes present in the album that confront humankind’s relationship with technology and grapple with feelings of isolation in today’s modern world.

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‘”It’s Been A While Since I Went Outside” is the fourth single from Overloaded, and was written during a time when I was working at home alone a lot, connected to the outside world through a screen and feeling isolated, much like most of the world is now. This video is a self-made DIY project that I’m calling a “visual poem,” shot in downtown Manhattan during the COVID-19 outbreak and edited while in lockdown” — Danielle Eva Schwob

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