Podcast: Beyond The Margin – Borders with Journalist Johnny Harris (Vox)

Beyond the Margin delves into the Vox series Borders, which examines the the human stories behind physical and political borders, with Emmy-nominated journalist Johnny Harris…

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In this most recent installment of Beyond the Margin, the stories that are born amid the lines that humans have used to divvy up the planet are explored. In an discussion centered on Borders, a Vox series which examines the human stories behind physical and political borders, one of the most important episodes of Beyond The Margin is birthed. In order to dig deeply into the stories told in Borders, host Michael Shields enlisted the help of the storyteller behind the series, Johnny Harris. Johnny is an Emmy-nominated journalist and filmmaker based in Washington, DC, where he makes web videos for Vox.com, reporting on interesting trends and stories both domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways.

Throughout their discussion, Michael and Johnny discuss the origin of Borders and then promptly embark on a journey around the globe — from Haiti to Japan, Norway to Guatemala and to Nepal and Spain — as they walk through some of the specifics of each intriguing and eye-opening episode. As stated on Border’s website: “Borders can encourage exchange or instigate violence. They can provide refuge, or they can criminalize those that cross them. Borders symbolize a nation’s anxiety about the world, and as political leaders regulate the lines on the map, there will be human stories at the mercy of those choices.” Listen in on a profoundly meaningful episode, rife with stories that absolutely must be told.

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Vox Borders Episodes:

Haiti and the Dominican Republic
The Arctic & Russia
Japan & North Korea
Mexico & Guatemala
Nepal & The Himalaya
Spain & Morocco

“If you want to know a country’s deepest fear, look at it’s border.”

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