Podcast: A Letter to the Internet

Across the Margin presents the next installment of its podcast, Beyond the Margin, entitled A Letter to the Internet….


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In this podcast, we embark upon a journey through cyberspace, and en route we search out answers to questions we must begin to ask about ourselves and about humanity in these ever-evolving times. In a discussion we have entitled A Letter to the Internet, a nod to the title of a TED talk given by one of our guests, we break down the ways in which we interact with the Internet, specifically social media’s role in defining and developing the way in which we live. Examining topics that revolve around the cultural norms we witness amongst diverging generations – those born before and after the rise of the Digital Age – this podcast aims to expose truths relating to online identities, the possibility of intimacy through digital connections, and celebrity and privacy in this new age.

To add to our discussion, we have enlisted the aid of two dynamic minds, well-versed and enduringly reflective on the multitude of ways in which we interact with each other online. Those guests are:

Chris Campanioni

Chris Campanioni has worked as a journalist, model, and actor, and he currently teaches literature and creative writing at Baruch College and the College of Staten Island, and new form journalism at John Jay – a course he created called “Identity, Image, & Intimacy in the Age of Internet & Celebrity.” He has wrote one novel (Going Down) and two poetry collections (In Conversation, Once in a Lifetime), and won Best Debut Novel at the 2014 International Latino Book Awards. Through every medium, he writes about media representation and the Cult of Celebrity, how we construct ourselves and our identities, and the ways in which we communicate and correspond, especially in a culture inundated with interruptions. You can hear Chris read his poetry Saturday, June 6 at Red Hook’s Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition at 4PM and Thursday, June 25 at Q.E.D. at 7PM in Astoria.

Alan Fox

Alan Fox is a writer and an actor living in New York City. He has appeared in a handful of television and film projects including Taylor Swift’s music video for “15” and the recently released “The English Teacher.” His one-man show “Expectation” was an official selection of the 2014 United Solo Festival, and has been staged at The PIT, THIS Theater, and The Cherry Lane Theater in New York City. He recently did a TED Talk entitled “A Letter to the Internet” which is featured in this podcast. You can find Alan performing in “White People Do The Darndest Things” at the Treehouse Theater on June 6th at 6PM and again on June 22nd.

So join us as we dive deep and examine the Internet’s stronghold on society and its affect on our daily lives and interactions. And along the way you will be treated to a selection from William Gibson’s  seminal novel Neuromancer read by Chris Thompson ((Accompanied by Aesop’s Rock’s instrumental version of “Cat Food.”)), a poem written exclusively for Across the Margin entitled, “Millennials Like Me” by Chris Campanioni, and a performance of Alan Fox’s brilliant and thoughtful TED talk to close out our conversation.

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