The Paulcast: Comercio del Mundo and His Rubbers Band

by: Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith

The Paulcast returns to negotiate the fallout from their visit to Buffalo Wild Wings…

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In a return to form, the Paulcast enjoys a homecoming of sorts, retiring once again to the comfortability of “Mikey’s apartment” for what many in the industry are describing as “their best episode yet.” While a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings to record a podcast might have looked like a good idea on paper, even the most ardent of Paulcast fans have questioned the decision to tape in a bustling beer hall. But here in this episode, entitled “Comercio del Mundo and His Rubbers Band,” comedians Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith address head on the criticism revolving around episode 4, and in doing so plunge into their most penetrating episode to date.

Taking the time to address their fan mail (as always!), a thoughtful and inquiring email from Paulcast superfan Shraddha Nunziata compels Paul and Mark to get real in exploring their motivations and desires in the performing arts. While addressing Shraddha’s pointed questions, the duo dissects their narcissistic tendencies and confer about the practical application of empathy in the arts and in life. Not to be outdone, this fifth installment finds Paul coming to terms with the reality of his thoughts increasingly turning towards death.

But this is a Paulcast after all, so while the depth found in this installment is compelling, the episode is again littered with those nuggets of humor listeners demand from Paul and Mark. Moments like Paul describing his first nocturnal emission, or Paul and Mark describing their asses (or lack thereof), or Big Business coming clean about his affinity for “funny shirts.” Dive in, let go, and enjoy, “Comercio del Mundo and His Rubbers Band.”

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