The Paulcast: You Can Call Me Al

by: Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith

After a prolonged absence, The Paulcast returns in all its comedic glory…


The PaulCast starring Mark Jared “Big Business” Smith returns after an extended and altogether controversial hiatus, and upon their re-emergence hosts Paul Gutkowski and Mark Jared Smith aim to answer the persistent and profound question, “Who is doing it right?” And while they examine the attributes of an ideal existence, the comedic duo also attempt to explain their prolonged absence, expound upon Mark’s current mid-life crisis, and even openly converse on experiences with psychedelics. And before all is said and done they welcome the incomparable Allen Askew to the Paulcast.

In their initial podcast, Paul and Mark describe The Paulcast as “two white men of privilege trying to figure out what it all means,” and this idea proves true to form as in this very candid and hilarious discussion Paul and Mark lament upon not being able to coexist on the same level of communal happiness. For reasons that become emphatically discernable as the podcast progresses, they have entitled this second installment, “You can Call Me Al,” ((“Sometime’s a Pony” by The Silver Jews acts as the introduction to The Paulcast, and Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” concludes the episode.)) and it can be found on iTunes now!

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