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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Season 5, Part II

by: Michael Shields The heated conclusion, the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad’s (“hypothetical”) Season 5…… Episode 9 – Behold Hank walks into Gomez’s office,…

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Breaking Bad Season 5, Part I

by: Michael Shields We are literally a month away from the concluding season of in-arguably one of the greatest television shows of all time, Breaking…

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by: Michael Shields Across the Margin introduces you to your latest television obsession, Cinemax’s Quarry… Quarry, a new series from Cinemax, commences with a body…

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Point – Counterpoint: Spoilers

A fiery debate over the value of “spoilers”… by: Christopher Rockwell (Point) and Shiloh Whatley (Counterpoint) Point: While the flurry of excitement built to a dizzying crescendo…

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In Retrospect: Mad Men

by: L.P. Hanners On the heels of Jon Hamm finally receiving his just due for his portrayal of Don Draper, an ardent fan digs deep…

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